About Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited.

     Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited ("Asiasoft") is a leading Regional Online Entertainment Service Provider in Southeast Asia with a dominating market share in the region covering Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. The company was established in Thailand in 2001 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 2008. The Company's affiliates are involved in international investment for online games publishing and development, as well as game portal services (www.playpark.com and www.playpfs.com) and other IT related business. Currently, we have 56 enjoyable and interactive online games from all over the world with more than 80 million registered IDs in the region.

About Asiasoft Group

  • Asiasoft Corporation Plc. ("AS"), Thailand : Providing online entertainment services as an online game operator in Southeast Asia, including distributing PC Games
  • Asiasoft International Co., Ltd. ("ASI"), Thailand : Investment arm in overseas
  • PlayPark Co., Ltd. ("PlayPark"), Thailand : Web portals for online games and web advertisement services through its web site "www.playpark.com"
  • A Capital Co., Ltd. ("A Capital"), Thailand : Investment arm in Thailand
  • FunBox Co.,Ltd. ("FunBox"), Thailand : Online game services business
  • Thaiware Communication Co., Ltd. ("Thaiware"), Thailand : Software download website through its website "www.thaiware.com"
  • Cybergames Corporation Co., Ltd. ("TCG"), Thailand : Game provider under its private LAN called TCG network
  • Asiasoft Online PTE. LTD. ("ASO"), Singapore : Online game services and providing support to ASM in online game service as well as distributing prepaid cards in Singapore
  • AS Online SDN. BHD. ("ASM"), Malaysia : Online game services and providing support to ASO in online game service as well as distributing of prepaid cards in Malaysia
  • PT Asiasoft ("ASID"), Indonesia : Online game services in Indonesia
  • CIB Development SDN BHD("CIB"), Malaysia : Online game services in Malaysia
  • Playcybergames Co., Ltd. ("PCG"), Thailand : Online game services in Thailand
  • Trilight Cove Enterprises Ltd., Indochina : Online game services in Indochina including Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia
  • Thinkplus Digital Co., Ltd. ("Thinkplus"), Thailand : Providing the service of digital marketing agency and media selling house
  • Level Up! Inc (Philippines) Online game services in Philippine

Our Mission

     Asiasoft is dedicated to developing a world-class organization that meets the highest ethical and moral standards in the markets in which we operate so that every one of our customers is completely satisfied.

Our Vision

     Service is at the heart of Asiasoft and making employees feel valued is the key to good service. Invest in the staff and they will invest in the organization. And in return, our shareholders and customers will benefit. Social activities are part of our DNA. Expanding our service base in Singapore and the region is the key to Asiasoft's future.

Corporate Profile


  • Asiasoft International Co.,Ltd & Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd was founded.

  • Launched of first online game, Ragnarok Online from Gravity in Thailand.

  • Launched of first Casual game Gunbound from Softnyx in Thailand.
  • Company awarded ISO 9001:2000 accreditations.
  • Developed @Cash payment system.

  • Launched first Casual MMORPG MapleStory from Nexon in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.
  • MapleStory ranked Number 1 in CCU within the Southeast Asian region from 2005 to 2009.
  • Expansion of investments in Southeast Asia with establishment of offices in Singapore and Vietnam.

  • Launched Casual Game Audition from T3 in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Audition awarded the Best Game of the Year at the Thailand Game Show 2006.
  • Launched MMORPG Yulgang Online from MGAME in Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Launched lifestyle portal www.playpark.com

  • Launched MMORPG CABAL from EST Soft in Thailand.

  • Achieved IPO in Thailand on 29th May, 2008.
  • Invested in Funbox Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
  • Launched FreeStyle Street Basketball from JC Entertainment in Thailand.
  • Launched Ghost Online from MGAME in Thailand.
  • Launched First Person Shooting game Sudden Attack from CJ Internet in Thailand.

  • Launched TwelveSky 2 from Gigassoft in Vietnam.
  • Launched Atlantica Online from NDOORS Corporation in Thailand.
  • Launched Richman Online from Softstar Entertainment in Thailand.
  • Launched Furinkazan from MGAME in Thailand.
  • Co-developed first Thai online game King Naresuan Online.

  • Company awarded ISO27001:2005 accreditations.
  • Company awarded ISO9001:2008 accreditations.
  • Launched Kingsoft Internet Security Services in Thailand.
  • Launched TwelveSky 2 from ALT1 in Thailand.
  • Launched Rohan Online from YNK KOREA in Thailand.
  • Launched Tian Long Ba Bu from ChangYou.com in Thailand.

  • Launched AIKA Online from Hanbisoft in Thailand.
  • Launched www.playthai.in.th
  • Launched Gangza from AIM Advance in Thailand.
  • Launched GigaSlave from GNI Soft in Thailand.
  • Launched www.playfps.com
  • Launched BandMaster from Dyson Interactive in Thailand.
  • Asiasoft partner with Live Gamer to provide credit in a Facebook Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.
  • Launched AVA from Neowiz Games in Thailand.
  • Launched LOSTSAGA from IO Entertainment Co., Ltd in Thailand.
  • Launched "@Club Technical Service"
  • Launched S4LEAUGE from Pentavision in Thailand.
  • Launched AVA from Neowiz Games in Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Launched CAMON HERO from T3 Entertainment in Thailand.
  • Asiasoft vendor in the Blizzard game in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Asiasoft with Trion Worlds online game developer and provider of premium. Channel pre-paid card for RIFT Digital Editions @ cash for games MMORPG.
  • Asiasoft signed a contract to purchase the CIB's number one provider of online games in Malaysia.
  • Launched DRAGON NEST from Eyedentitygames in Thailand.
  • Launched King Naresuan Online from Promt Now in Thailand
  • Launched Sudden attack Season II from CJ Internet in Thailand
  • Launched A.V.A from Neowiz Games in Indonesia
  • Launched Fashion Dream from noknok in Thailand
  • Launched EverPlanet form Nextoric in Thailand
  • Launched Counter-Strike Online from Nexon in Thailand
  • Launched Sheep Farm form Noolabs in Thailand
  • Launched Football City Stars from Ubisoft in Thailand
  • Launched Mahjong Hime from Extreme in Singapore
  • Launched SuperStar from Choirock in Thailand
  • Launched Elsword from KOG in Thailand
  • Launched Star Project from Atoonz in Thailand
  • Launched Ragnarok Online 2 from Gravity in Singapore
  • Launched Brawl Busters from SkeinGlobe
  • Establishment Trilight Cove Enterprises Ltd.


  • Launched Shinchan Online from deawon media and rainfall soft in Thailand.
  • Launched Chaos Online from Neoact and Sesisoft in Thailand Singapore Malaysia Vietnam Philippine Myanmar Cambodia.
  • Launched FC Manger from T3 Entertainment in Thailand Singapore Malaysia Vietnam Philippine.
  • Company awarded ISO27001:2005 accreditations.
  • Launched Ragnarok Online ll from Gravity in Thailand.
  • Asiasoft announced strategic partnership with S2 Games and YY Inc. to launch Strife in Southeast Asia.
  • Launched The Exorcist from tigerCool in Thailand.


  • Acquired Level Up! Inc
  • Launched Ragnarok Mobile form NeoCyon in thailand.
  • Asiasoft partners with Blizzard Entertainment to bring Heroes of the Storm? to 4 Southeast Asian Countries.